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PCB sensor

PCB sensor and signal conditioner in aerospace and military applications include not only ground testing, but also widely used in flight testing, environmental testing, health and use monitoring systems (HUMS) and other fields. Especially in aviation and aerospace fields can provide the corresponding product series.
The product includes an accelerometer, a dynamic force sensor, a Modally Tuned ICP force hammer, a modal analysis sensor, an electric modal analysis exciter, a strain load sensor, a pressure sensor and its accessories.

The main features of PCB products:
Reliable, cost-effective
Can be tailored according to the test
Seamless connection with customer data acquisition system

The ground test field is usually divided into the following four categories:
Ground vibration test (GVT)
Static and fatigue testing
Reliability and functional testing
Acoustic measurement and certification

MEMS DC accelerometer response

3711 (Dan Zhou), 3713 (three axis) and 3741 (Dan Zhou), MEMS DC response of the accelerometer can be used to measure the low-frequency vibration, up to + 2G to + 200g, with gas damping and silicon MEMS sensor design, stable performance, high overload protection ability.


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