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ASG Assembly tool

ASG is an American company (Jergens INC.) Jensen of the six sector, Jergens company was founded in 1942, is a machining tool standard leader, and began 35 years ago in the sales control torque in North america.
ASG's main products: torque control screwdriver, process monitoring equipment, production auxiliary equipment, workbench auxiliary products and a variety of industrial tools.

TS-III electric screwdriver monitor

DC brush or screwdriver

Prevent assembly process error

Monitor the whole assembly process

If the screw is installed, it will send out the confirmation signal

Audio error alarm, screen display error message

Screw down data storage, memory assembly process

Can be programmed via keyboard or other related software

For ASG CL, A, SS, TL, or BL series screwdriver

 ASG- series manual screwdriver

Suitable for a variety of torque values

Torque values range from 0.14 to 4.52N • M

The scale window clearly shows the torque value

Repeat accuracy meets ISO6789 standard

Can use ASG torque meter calibration screwdriver

Automatic reset after reaching the set torque

Counterclockwise self-locking

                             ASG-A series


Can set nine kinds of target torque
High reliability real-time data
Data storage and export
Tracking mode and peak mode
LED display and audible alarm
Can store 250 sets of data
5 minutes automatic shutdown

 Mini digital torque wrench / screwdriver

 Combined tight (precise) tightening system

 Automatic feeding and tightening system

 Other auxiliary equipment:

 EZ-9000 type adhesive tape cutting machine

 ASP-81 screw feeder

 LD-80 label stripping machine


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