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IDEAL stripping tool

 Stripping tool

The Ringer Cable Stripper stripping pliers
Product type: 45-401, 45-402, 45-403, 45-404
Product features:
It can be stripped by Kapton, Kynar, TEFLON, Tefzel, as well as high temperature insulation material made of non - ring cable shielding layer
The utility model is characterized in that the spring head ensures uniform pressure, and the fixed blade is selected according to the thickness of the insulating layer

Stripmaster & Stripmaster Lite stripping pliers

Item No:45-090~099

Product features:
General stripping edge (non military standard)
Scope of application: AWG 8-30
Up to 7 holes can be flexibly adapted
Application user requirements (45-092)
A complete process of stripping

ERGO-ELITE wire cutter

Item No:55-1987

Product features:
Stripping range AWG 16-26
Ergonomically designed to make
The tool has a comfortable feel and excellent
Sturdy polyester structure made from carbon fiber
Dimensional reinforcement, high strength, light weight

 Optical processing tool kit

MiniLite-Strip fiber stripping pliers
Item No: 45-352
Product features:
Small blade to remove 125 m fiber of 900 m or 250 m coating
Removal of 3mm outer sheath with large blade
The cutting edge can be preset and locked, without the need for on-site adjustment

Lite-Strip fiber stripping pliers
Item No: 45-350
Product features
The V shaped blade provides a wider stripped fiber sheath range (250 m to 900 m)
Can be replaced by a precision blade to remove the sheath very fast

Fiber inspection microscope
Item No: 45-332
Product features
100 * eyepiece for multimode optical fiber connector

Provides 2.5mm "general purpose adapter for use with FC, ST and SC connectors

Visible red light source
Item No: VFF5
Product features
Find no connected components and lines
Low cost basic optical fiber testing tool
High brightness output 2, 670nm laser


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