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The label leader -Brady

Brady is a multinational manufacturer providing a complete set of solutions for the identification and security of products and workers. Products include high-performance labels, security equipment, printing systems and

software, precision die cutting materials.

Yi Pu panel labels: (substituted carved template)

EPREP (a REPlacements template) is a very innovative label, specifically for the replacement for identification of electrical components, electrical box, button and frame pattern carved and panel design. Save time and cost for you. You do not need to pre print and sort and store the pre printed logo, you can print the logo immediately when you need it.

 Heat shrinkable sleeve

Brady hardcover marking sleeve provides a set of speed, ease of use and performance in one of the complete wire marking solutions that can continuously ensure the high quality of the logo.
Can quickly print the logo through the printer;
There are a variety of specifications to choose from;
There are a variety of colors to choose from;
After the contraction of the tube is not clear;
The casing with various materials can be used in different environments.


Brady film label

Brady's first film label cover, label and protective film together, the label wrapped around the cable, protective film is covered on the label, the label can be kept free from pollution, ensure the label definition and persistence. Bedi can provide a variety of specifications for the use of a variety of environmental labels
According to the cable diameter can choose different models label
According to the length of the letters can choose different labels
According to the use of different materials can choose the label
According to the cable insulation material can choose different material label


Label printing equipment

 Duplex printer

 Single-sided printer

 Color printer


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