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HellermannTyton company is the electrical network and the leading global solutions provider, with rich experience in cable production and process, can provide a complete and reliable wiring system, economical and effective solutions to meet the needs of users, the solutions to the full range of the case is based on high quality and durability of the guarantee the maximum reliability and excellent performance.

 Cable banding

Maximum design flexibility - the most widely used size, type and material selection for indoor, outdoor and harsh environments.

Fast and reliable installation - good product features are designed to meet or exceed industry standards, such as low power and high tension, providing the highest quality and lowest installation cost.

Superior production capacity - a full range of human body mechanics in conjunction with the tool can be quickly and reliably installed banding, to provide a flat incision, to ensure the safety of installation.

Meet the appropriate standards - included in the UL list, military norms, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, ISO9001 / AS 9100, international recognition, customer recognition.

 Special application tape

 Tape with bolt

 Base tie

 With the positioningwith konza

 Grooved belt with plate

 Threaded bolt tie

 High temperature resistant chemical tape

 Anti vibration band

 Flat band

 Round head tie

 Belt with dustproof and waterproof washer

 Marking tie

 Quick detachable tie

 Rubber protective layer stainless steel tie

 Self locking stainless steel band

 Nylon coated stainless steel band

 Full coated stainless steel band


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