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The next China Aerospace Engineering or self built the first space station

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Shenzhou eleven spacecraft launched from the Jiuquan satellite launch center in October 17th, is China's first manned space launch since 2013 after a lapse of 3 years. Prior to this, in 2003, China's first manned spacecraft Shenzhou five successfully launched, Yang Liwei became the first Chinese visitors to the vast space. 2005, the successful launch of Shenzhou six, astronaut Fei Junlong, Nie Haisheng was successfully sent into space. In 2008, the Shenzhou seven with a smooth entry into the space of the 3 astronauts, and to achieve the astronauts walk in space. 2012, Shenzhou nine will be sent to the heavenly palace of the "heavenly palace", of which Liu Yang, aged 33, became the first Chinese woman to fly into space. 2013, Shenzhou ten to achieve China's manned space transportation system for the first time the application of flight.
13 years, the 6 manned flight, a total of 11 Chinese astronauts into space visitors. It is worth mentioning that this is the 50 year old Jing Haipeng completed the space mission for the third time.
"This is the first time in China manned test, the next step for the long time the manned space station to take care to lay a good foundation for better." Aviation expert Zhang Baoxin 18 of the "Global Times" reporter said, after the two astronauts returned to earth and we will have a series of test and inspection, for our future astronauts on the space station stay to obtain first-hand information. The two astronauts in Tiangong two a month of running, they have a new experience and understanding of the space, which for us after the launch of the space station cabin has improved related benefits.
Shenzhou eleven returned to attract foreign media attention. Agence France-Presse 18, said after the Shenzhou V return capsule landing, ground personnel rushed to the back of the cabin on both sides of the red flag, the ground space flight control center observers applauded the applause of the eleven. Reported that China's CCTV did not broadcast the two astronauts out of the screen, but said they had been sent to a space center.
Broadcasting British Corporation 18, said Jing Haipeng with the first time to enter the space in the temple of heaven, No. 1, Chen Dong stayed for a month, in the laboratory conducted a series of experiments to prepare for the establishment of a permanent space station in 2022.
Japan's TBS television said that China's manned spacecraft successfully flew, this is the sixth time. Chinese astronauts conducted more than 40 experiments. Japan's Jiji news agency said that this is China's move toward the direction of the independent construction of the space station, the pre exercise".
With the return of Shenzhou eleven, Temple No. two will continue to orbit, carry out scientific experiments. So, China's space under a big action is what?
Finland Global Times website, Shenzhou twelve launch? Estimated to wait until 2018 after the launch of China's space station core cabin. Reported that, before this, the long march five will launch the lunar calendar to perform the task of returning to the moon - 5. The most urgent is the first day of the star 04 star launch, is said to be in November 20th after the earth to fly to the geosynchronous orbit, take over the day to carry out a chain of data relay satellite 01. Reported that the first 3 days of a combination of the United States, such as tracking and data relay satellite (TDRS) system, can provide convenience for the Shenzhou spacecraft communications and related tasks.
U.S. space news network 18, said that in April next year, China will launch the first day of the cargo ship in Wenchang, rendezvous and docking with the Temple No. two. 18 afternoon, Wang Zhaoyao, director of Chinese manned space engineering office in guoxinban conference that day boat one is China's new aircraft, is mainly responsible for the space station transport goods, consumption of propellant and other tasks. At present, the 1st day of the ship is the assembly test.
Agence France-Presse 18, said in April this year, China announced plans to launch a probe to Mars around in 2020. China plans to build its first space station in 2022, and finally put the astronauts on the moon's surface.



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