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Chinese space launch site layout to "quadrupedal" in New Era

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Xinhua Hainan Wenchang on 25 June, (reporter Li Guoli, Mei Wei Chang, Wang Ting) on the long march rocket number seven on the evening of 25 successfully launched as a symbol of the new China built Hainan Wenchang spaceport first victory, China space launch site layout to "quadrupedal" new generation.
Wenchang Hainan space launch site was built in November 2014. Located in Hainan city of Wenchang province Lou Zhen field emission, latitude 19 degrees north latitude and 19 points at the launch tower has 2 Binhai standing. Compared with Jiuquan, Taiyuan, Xichang, Hainan Wenchang space launch site has the advantages of low latitude, high efficiency, wide range, good safety and convenient transportation.
"The 4 space launch site launch site formed the pattern of China's coastal and inland combination, combination of high and low latitude, the combination of the shooting range, the overall layout of China's space launch site is more reasonable, more perfect system." Beijing special engineering design and Research Institute chief engineer Liu Xiaohua said.
Recalling the history of each space launch site is an important support for the development of China's aerospace industry. Founded in October 1958, the Jiuquan satellite launch center is the world's third largest manned space launch center, has launched a total of 100 satellites, the spacecraft and Tiangong-1 spacecraft. Taiyuan satellite launch center has successfully launched all of China's geostationary orbit meteorological satellite. Xichang satellite launch center is China's largest satellite launch, opening up the world's first space launch site, has 31 international commercial satellite into space.
"They have witnessed the glorious history of China's space industry from scratch, continued to grow and develop." Zhou Fengguang, deputy chief engineer of the Xichang satellite launch center, said, "China's space launch capabilities continue to improve for the peaceful development of mankind and the use of space to provide a broad platform and space for cooperation".
According to reports, the 4 space launch site in the division of labor has focused on each other, and backup and supplement each other. Jiuquan satellite launch center is mainly responsible for the satellite and manned space flight project launch mission; Taiyuan satellite launch center is mainly responsible for sun synchronous orbit satellite launch mission; Xichang satellite launch center is mainly responsible for the geosynchronous satellite launch mission; Hainan Wenchang Airlines launch major China for the launch of a new generation of large non-toxic rocket assume the task of space launch satellites in geosynchronous orbit and polar orbit satellite, the quality of the large tonnage space station and deep space exploration spacecraft.
After the successful launch of the long march seven launch vehicle, Hainan Wenchang space launch site will be launched in the second half of this year, the long march of the new generation of large thrust launch vehicle, launched in the first half of 2017, the first day of the ship cargo ship. In the future, China's lunar exploration project three aircraft, modern space station will be launched here.



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