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China space 2017 will hit a record high: the target from the moon to retrieve a handful of soil

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In the past 2016, China Aerospace submitted a satisfactory report card: a new generation of carrier rocket Long March five, No. seven first flew successfully, Hainan space launch site in Wenchang officially put into use, Tiangong two, Shenzhou eleven manned flight mission success...... China's annual space launch more than 17 times in Russia, with the results of the United States tied for the first time in the world with the 22.

2017, China's space will be a new high. The reporter learned that China's annual implementation plan about 30 mission, not only major manned lunar exploration, compass, etc., high national science and technology projects will continue to advance in communication satellites, satellites and commercial aerospace scientific experiments will also be more flowering". What are the major events in China's space program?

Cargo ship to the temple two, send express"

China manned space engineering office director Wang Zhaoyao said earlier, the first cargo ship our boat one day, will be in the first half of 2017, in Hainan Wenchang spaceport by March seven rocket into space with Tiangong two rendezvous and docking, to carry out additional propellant test.

Li Jian, deputy director of the Beijing space flight control center had told the science and Technology Daily reporter, day boat one is a new design of the spacecraft. It has two independent design of the propellant tank, not only for the Temple No. two with a box of propellant, for their own control of the propellant can also be transferred".

"Additional propellant is" slow ", takes about 5 days time." Li Jian said, before the unmanned and manned spacecraft docking mechanism is mainly connected to additional fuel, cargo ship with Tiangong two increase of liquid propellant and oxidant connection, and different interface. There are more than and 30 steps for fuel addition, and the ground operation is very complicated.

Day boat one track design is also different with the previous spacecraft. "After the Shenzhou spacecraft is' 28 turns to independence, the completion of the completion of the 31 laps', the whole process to about 2 days." Li Jian said, the cargo ship is designed to be 3 to 5 days to complete the docking, because no one, do not have to worry, you can use more laps to save the fuel needed to adjust posture. The more fuel is available, the more it can be used to supplement it." He also revealed that the task will be carried out a rapid docking test. At present, Russia has taken the lead in cargo spacecraft to achieve a fast docking, the entire process can be completed with only 4 to 6 laps. China will also carry out relevant tests, the technology can be used for mature manned spacecraft docking.

With the heavenly palace two docking, day boat on the 1st of the working time will reach about half a year. Our country will carry out the experiment, use it to control the space station attitude and orbit.

Chang e five from the moon to the soil

Wu Yanhua, deputy director of the China National Space Administration, said recently that China will launch the five lunar probe in December 2017, the lunar soft landing and sampling return. This means that China's lunar exploration project around, fall, back, the three step is the final step to be completed.

The China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation five consultant of science and Technology Committee academician Ye Peijian, Chang'e five, including the orbiter returns, rising lander and the four part. After reaching the lunar orbit, the orbiter and the lander travel around the moon. The landing gear is equipped with a sampling device mounted on the lunar surface, and is loaded into a container carried by the elevator.

Then, the elevator is taken off from the lunar surface, and the combination of the orbiter and the return device is carried out to conduct the rendezvous and docking. The combination of the orbiter and the return to the earth, separated from the ground thousands of kilometers, and finally returned to earth.

Hu Hao, chief architect of the three phase of China's lunar exploration project, Chang E No. five weighing up to 8.2 tons, will be the largest thrust of China's Long March launch vehicle launch five. The mission is expected to realize our country four for the first time since the development of space activities: the first automatic sampling on the surface of the moon; take off from the lunar surface for the first time; the lunar orbit within 380 thousand kilometers of the first unmanned rendezvous and docking; for the first time with the lunar regolith to close second cosmic velocity back to earth.

Major projects, commercial space multi flowering

2017, China will continue to promote a number of aerospace projects.



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