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Zhuhai air show has fallen off

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November 6th, the Eleventh China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition (referred to as the Eleventh China Air Show) safe, successful, successful curtain fell. Zhuhai air show is one of the world's top five air show, but also one of the most famous Zhuhai. The air show on an unprecedented scale, the exhibition area of a new high, the total exhibition area of 82000 square meters, an increase of 19.5%, the aircraft around 130, in 42 countries and regions, more than 700 domestic and foreign exhibitors, show scale, quality and level is expected to achieve new breakthroughs in history.

In addition, with the continuous improvement of the internationalization and specialization of China Air Show in recent years, as one of the largest platform for the Asia Pacific Air Force to display modern weapons and military equipment, more and more countries around the world value. This exhibition to further expand the scale of international exhibitors, overseas exhibitors ratio of 45%. Among them, the United States, France, Russia, Canada, Holland, Belgium, Ukraine, Czech, New Zealand, South Korea and other countries participating in the form of national pavilions, Boeing, Airbus, Brazil airlines, UAC, GE, CFM, Russian ATR, Safran, Dassault etc. the world's top 50 Aerospace leading enterprises full debut.

It is worth noting that my company is also in this year's Zhuhai air show to emerge.



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